How You Can Help Us


FSF India cannot hope to achieve its goals without the active and continuous support of volunteers. To start with, if you feel you can contribute in any way to FSF India’s activities, please consider registering yourself as a FSF India Volunteer.

You can keep abreast of FSF India’s activities, and suggest new activities, by subscribing to the appropriate mailing list.

As for concrete and immediate help, FSF India needs assistance on the following fronts:

  • Exposure in the mainstream media

    We seek the alliance of activist journalists who can help spread the message of software freedom — and warn the general public about the ills of proprietary software — in the mainstream media. The fsf-friends mailing list frequently features free software related issues which could form the basis of important public interest news stories and articles. Please consider subscribing to that mailing list or get in touch with us if you are a journalist wanting to write about free software.

  • Associate Fellowship

    The Free Software Foundation of India is offering Associate Fellowship to individuals. This fellowship is an expression of solidarity with the aims and objectives of FSF India, as stated in the Why we exist, and to support FSF India as an organization that promotes software freedom in the country. The nature of expenses are usually incurred in maintaining the office, travel expenses of the activists to fulfil organizational responsibilities, for participating in national and international networks, publishing books, maintaining website and mailing lists,brochures, leaflets, and other propaganda material, paying full time/part time employees for their service etc. You can select 3 type of Fellowships. General, Professional & Premium.

  • Donations

    An important way of supporting FSF India and the cause of software freedom is donating money to finance our activities in pursuit of our vision.

    You can make a donation by sending a cheque or demand draft drawn in favour of “Free Software Foundation of India” to:

    The Free Software Foundation of India
    TC-27/2207, CHIRAKULAM ROAD,

    FSF India have 80G status under Income Tax Act. All donations to FSF India are tax-deductible (by order number: C. No 302/ADIT(E)/24/2005-05 Dated: 25/01/06 ). Please note that, for the time being, we are unable to accept donations from outside India.

  • Website development and maintenance

    The FSF India website is not only an important source of information about the organisation, its goals and ongoing activities, but can also provide valuable web-based services. Its development and maintenance will, to state the obvious, always be an unending job in constant need of volunteer assistance. If you think you can help us on this front, please consider subscribing to our fsf-web mailing list.

  • GNU Project development

    You can also help the FSF of India by joining any one of the GNU Projects like GNOWSYS, GNU Freetalk, or you can start your own Free Software project.

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