08 Dec

Richard Stallman – “Free Software and Your Freedom” (Jaipur, India)

Date: 15th December, 2014 -  3PM To 5PM

Venue: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India – Maharana Pratap Auditorium, Vidya Asharam School

Contact: G.T.RAO

Contact Phone: +91 7023795397

Richard Stallman will speak about the goals and philosophy of the Free Software Movement, and the status and history of the GNU operating system, which in combination with the kernel Linux is now used by tens of millions of users world-wide.

This speech will be nontechnical, admission is gratis, and the public is encouraged to attend.

Registration, which can be done anonymously, while not required, is appreciated; it will help us ensure we can accommodate all the people who wish to attend.

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